The Effect of Production Planning and Control on Organisational Performance in the Nigerian Cement Manufacturing Industry

  • Jonathan Ehimen Ekpudu Department of Business Administration, University of Lagos. Nigeria.
  • Okafor Linus Izediuno Department of Business Administration College of Management Sciences, Bells University of Technology, Ota, Nigeria
  • Oluwaseyi Olawale Cardoso Department of Business Administration, University of Lagos. Nigeria.
  • Martins Eromose Odigie Department of Business Administration, University of Lagos. Nigeria.
Keywords: Industry,, Organisation, Performance, Production planning, Production Control


The study examined the effect of production planning and control on organisational performance in the Nigerian cement manufacturing industry. Production planning and control were proxied by material requirement planning, quality control, just-in-time production, and inventory management; while organisational performance was measured by productivity, quality delivery, profitability, and cost minimisation. The study’s population includes 768 employees in the production, quality, procurement, and sales/marketing departments of Dangote Cement Plc and Lafarge Cement Nigeria Plc, in which two hundred and sixty-three (263) employees were selected as sample using judgmental sampling technique. A structured questionnaire was administered on the respondents. A pool confirmatory factor analysis was employed to assess the validity and reliability of the research instrument. The study employed descriptive (mean, frequency distribution, and percentage) and inferential statistical techniques to analyse and test the data collected. On the other hand, structural equation modeling technique was used to test the hypotheses formulated for the study. The outcome of the path analysis revealed a positive coefficient value of the causal effect of production planning and control constructs (material requirement planning, quality control, just-in-time production, and inventory management) on organisational performance. The study recommends that manufacturing firms should embrace effective material requirement planning to ensure manufacturing effectiveness in their operations.


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